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Web Authoring in Tableau Server

Tableau Web server allows customers to produce brand-new workbooks from released information sources, and also modify sights straight on the web server. This post explains internet authoring capabilities in Tableau Web server, and differences between writing in Tableau Web server versus Tableau Desktop.

For information about making it possible for internet writing in Tableau Server, see Enable web authoring.

Keep in mind: This post additionally applies to Tableau Online.

Tableau Server internet authoring capabilities
The capacity for customers to modify sights in Tableau Server is a setting that managers regulate. In addition to this setting being made it possible for, individual should likewise have the Internet Edit ability allowed their approvals for a provided content product.

When web authoring is enabled on Tableau Web server, customers that have Internet Edit capacity for a workbook can click the Edit menu to make changes to the sight. They could additionally create new workbooks from published information sources.

Web writers can:

Produce new sights (sheets), replicate, and also relabel sights in a workbook.
Change gathering of actions in the sight. Modification the default gathering of procedures in the Data pane.
Use Show Me to produce sights.
View underlying data (through tooltips).
Develop and also edit determined fields, and also utilize quick table calculations.
Change the information sort of areas.
Drag areas to various mark enters the Marks card.
Make use of the Analytics pane to drag referral lines, trend lines, as well as other objects into the view.
Add, modify, and also get rid of filters (shown as Quick Filters), as well as edit a quick filter layout. (General, Wildcard, Problem, as well as Leading tabs are not offered.)?
Convert a distinct area to continuous or the other way around. This choice is available for steps and day dimensions.
Program concealed areas.
Convert actions to measurements or the other way around.
Hide an action or measurement.
Assign a geographic role for an area.
Create groups by choosing marks in the sight then clicking Team Participants (paperclip) in the tooltip for that choice.
Use sets (can not develop).
Use criteria (can not develop).
Program labels, total amounts, and also subtotals.
Swap X as well as Y axes.
Adjustment the view size.
Exclude or eliminate areas in the sight.

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